Gary Ottonello

Photograph by Neight Elder. Coleman Valley Rd. March 2015

Photograph by Neight Elder. Coleman Valley Rd. March 2015

Gary Ottonello has been a professional filmmaker and photographer since 2006.

Like many in the industry, Gary has developed skills to become a one-person crew – from cinematography to sound design – but his real drive is providing imagery that tell human stories. 

Whether it’s capturing the focus on the face of a grieving cyclist during an epic AIDS Lifecycle journey along the west coast, or a 17-year-old cancer patient’s smile after learning he is tumor free due to new alternative healing, Gary captures images that tell stories of good being done in the world.

In addition to 4K cinematography for documentaries, real estate, instructionals and music videos, Gary specializes in portraiture and sports photography, for both the publishing industry and private clients.

In the last year alone, Gary’s work has recently taken him through Europe, down to Mexico, and all over the US; he is based in Sonoma County, California.


Sonoma Discoveries Magazine, 4G's Magazine, Skidmark Skateboard Magazine, Smoov-E (rapper), Child Care Safety Products, and the Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, Prohbtd, Trim Tab Media, and many others.