New Filters

I bought a set of used ND filters off of Craigslist yesterday for $20. I'm not too sure how good they actually are, but for $20 I couldn't pass them up. I got a bunch of ND filters, a few Graduated ND filters, and a few colored filters as well. I am super excited about the Grad filters and the 10-stop ND filter the most, and I went out to the coast to try them out tonight.

It was super overcast out at the coast, so right away I realized I wouldn't get to play around with my filters as much as I'd hoped. I was going to be meeting a friend out at the coast, so I was still going to drive all the way out there. At first I just shot some video footage of seagulls, but I did manage to snap two photos that I like a little bit. I'm really looking forward to putting these little filters through some more tests, but I did enjoy myself tonight..