#GoMoEuro 2015: Part 6, Sava/The Caforio Family

By now we have made it through most of our trip. It had all gone by way too fast, but we were still eager for our last couple stops. We would be ending this trip visiting with the family that my sister stayed with for 6 months as an exchange student about 12 years ago! The Caforio family is amazing, and I've gone to Italy to visit them with a friend about 6 years ago... They are always welcoming us, so we finally took them up on it. This would be the first time the parents would be able to meet my dad, too!

They live in Sava, Italy, which is a town that gets virtually no tourism, but it's a place I like to call "home" in Southern Italy. In this gallery there will be photos from Sava, Lecce, the coast nearby Jonio (Yon'yo), and a few cities along the Eastern coast along the Adriatic Sea.