Yosemite, February 2016

My friend, Sean Ledbetter, was telling me about the beautiful phenomenon at Horsetail Falls in Yosemite National Park. If the conditions are just right, the last few minutes of light from the sunset illuminate a waterfall to make it look as though Lava is pouring down the cliff. My response to him was, "Let's go! I can put the trip on my credit card and you can pay me back!" A couple days later, we had a hotel reservation and we were going to make the trip!

Yosemite is absolutely beautiful. The two of us geeked out with our cameras and how Mother Nature was providing us with the most beautiful landscapes for us to capture for 3 days. We had each rented some lenses, and were just super excited to be out and about. 

These are my favorite photos that I shot on the trip. Enjoy!

A + B Wedding in Sayulita, Mexica

I was asked to shoot the wedding of dear friends of mine. Alex went to high school with my sister, and was class president in his senior year. A couple years ago, I happened to snap a very quick candid portrait of the two lovebirds in passing at the Apple Blossom Parade in Sebastopol. They ended up loving the picture, and had me shoot their engagement photos. That went so well, that they asked me to shoot their wedding. They didn't even have a date set yet, but I committed to them, because our relationship was basically the ideal photographer/client relationship. Everything happened so naturally and relaxed. Their engagement photos are still some of my favorite ever, and it all happened casually over a bottle of wine. Alex is a wine maker, so he knows what's good to drink!

Fast forward until a few months before their wedding, and they changed gears on me. I had originally agreed to be their wedding photographer, but now they wanted me to shoot their wedding video. They also told me that they would likely not be able to afford to fly my second shooter down to Mexico, so they were asking me if I would be able to shoot it by myself. I reluctantly agreed, but I'm glad I did, because this short wedding film came out as one of the best videos I've ever produced, period. And the fact that I didn't everything with my own two hands, makes it feel so much better, and I'm pretty proud with what I came up with.

It's eleven minutes, but it will probably make you shed a tear!

Brit & Jen's Wedding

I had the pleasure of shooting Brit & Jen's wedding in January of this year. I know them through mutual friends, and I just think of them as really fun, outgoing party people! Brit was even an officiant at a wedding I shot last summer, so we knew it would be a good match. 

The forecast called for rain on their wedding, but it was set in a wooden lodge type of venue, and it would be perfect for a winter wedding. We lucked out, actually, and didn't get hardly any rain at all the whole day, and the sun actually burned through the clouds when I was shooting the group photos outside!

It was an incredible wedding, and everyone there had the time of their life!

Brittany & Ryan's Wedding, June 27th, 2015

I had the privilege of shooting Brittany and Ryan's wedding at the end of June, and I'm finally done editing all of their photos, so here is a gallery full of a bunch of my favorites! This was the first wedding I have ever shot all by myself, and it went really well! I think it's almost easier to just do it yourself knowing how every photo is looking throughout the day.

Baby Landon's 1st Photoshoot

I had the privilege of shooting the newborn son of a longtime childhood friend from our small local community. His younger sister grew up with my older sister, so naturally we knew each other and I was more than happy to shoot these precious photos of him. I went to their house and we shot a small variety of shots, most of which we love!